The battle over the world’s oceans begins.


Who will you fight for?

Defend the ocean with innovative tactics, movement and powerful kill streak abilities,
whether it's for peace or vengeance.



Hunt down enemies and chase killstreaks to earn powerful abilities. Sometimes you just need a giant sea monster on your side. Ride the high of your total domination headshot after headshot — no cool-downs needed.


Be Like Water

The entire map is your canvas; submerge and move anywhere your guns can reach. Freeform movement mechanics make combat a fast-paced dance of dodging, weaving, and split-second decision making.



Technologically advanced weaponry is scattered across the map. All Defenders start on equal grounds, but EMP guns, liquid light beams, and grenade launchers will give you the upper-hand — just make sure you’re the first to find them.


Innovative MapMaker Mode

The TideTurn MapMaker is designed for every player of every age to make their vision come to life — no coding needed. Built-in map editor, and free to play. Fight to save the ocean on your own turf or visit someone else’s creation for inspiration and world domination.

Immersive Story Mode

Cinematic campaigns immerse you in TideTurn’s lore, as Atlantians and Humans battle to save the oceans. Find out what it means to be a Defender.

Who Will You Defend?

Atlantians or Humans


Choose a SIDE


Choose a SIDE

The Tides Are Turning.


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