Who Will Defend Your Heart This Valentine’s Day? // Quiz

It’s that time of year where people get mad at card companies for making some quick cash and express their disdain for going on dates all over their social media page. Ah, Valentine’s Day. Is there anything more romantic than quickly grabbing a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store before rushing back home with Chinese takeout? 

Well yes — there is! 

How about going on a date with one of the defenders from TideTurn? We’ve created this quiz so you can find out which Atlantian or Human would make the perfect Valentine’s Day partner based on your specific needs and preferences. Get to know your favorite defenders outside the battlefield as they fight for a chance at your heart! 

Take The Quiz Here <3

TideTurn indie game quiz

Olivia “y05h1eggz” Richman //

Stanion Studios Marketing Copyeditor

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