TideTurn Wall Jumping Guide

The insane and innovative movement in TideTurn is what makes the gameplay intense, creative, and non-stop. One of the most unique movement abilities in TideTurn is wall jumping. Mastering this crazy movement trick will allow you to seamlessly soar through the map and keep you one step ahead of defenders on the opposing team. 

Wall jumping allows you to get around overhangs that normally block your path. You can also jump between two buildings to climb faster since it’s significantly quicker than swimming up a wall. 

Wall jumping isn’t only great for amping up your movement strategies. It’s also great during combat. It can allow faster movement when racing opponents towards a strong weapon located on the map. It also provides a sudden burst of movement during a fight that will surprise an opponent, catching them off guard or attacking them from an unexpected new angle mid-combat. 

How to Wall Jump // The Basics

While swimming up a wall press Jump (Space Bar). This will allow your defender to kick off the wall. Make sure you are aiming in your chosen direction since that’s where your defender will launch once you press the space bar. 

If you have sprayed water on another wall or surface, you can jump off the wall and dive into that water path to make the transition even faster and more fluid. When you jump to the water-coated surface of your choice, press Swim (Shift) to dive into the water. From there, use A, S, D, and W to move along the path. 

How to Wall Jump

How to Wall Jump // Advanced Techniques

Wall jumping can create more freeform movement options with surprise directions. This can make your defender harder to shoot over long distances. It also adds a lot of dynamic combat options, allowing you to pop up in surprise areas that don’t let your opponent react. 

But it’s important to remember that wall jumping should most often be used in tighter areas. This allows your defender to dip into new walls quickly, controlling the amount of time you spend in the air and never losing momentum. 

TideTurn gameplay guide

When you’re kicking off walls in wider, open spaces, the fast movement momentum is lost. Instead, your falling movement is extended making you easier to track. You’ll probably get shot out of the air if you’re diving downward for too long. 

Here’s another great trick once you’ve mastered the basics of wall jumping. There are certain grenades [link to weapon blog] that stick to the surface they land on. While climbing up a wall to escape an opponent, let go of Shift long enough to stick a grenade on the wall. Then quickly wall jump away before the enemy defender has a chance to follow you. 

TideTurn gameplay guide

Wall jumping is a very important movement technique in TideTurn, where movement strategy and fast-thinking often lead to powerful weapons, eliminations, game-changing abilities, and victory. So this is definitely an important guide to keep in mind when the game drops later this year.

Be on the lookout for more helpful guides and exciting gameplay information over the next few weeks. 

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