The Story and Communication Behind TideTurn

Hello! I’m doing things a little differently this time around since I’m the next subject of the Stanion Studios behind-the-scenes spotlight. I mean, I could just interview myself but that might be a little strange…

What’s your name? 

Olivia Richman. 

What’s your job on the TideTurn team? 

I’m the Marketing Copyeditor. Basically, I do anything that needs copy, whether it’s a blog post (like this one), social media posts, comics, art books, or press releases. 

What experience do you have when it comes to this job? 

I’ve been a content manager in the esports industry for about five years, including leading Team Liquid’s content team. I have a passion for the gaming community and love creating content and social media campaigns that engage them and provide them with unique perspectives.

TideTurn copy indie game

Is it true you have a crush on one of the defenders? 

See!? Strange! I’m totally not answering that question SOLELY because I think it’s weird to interview myself. Ug, so weird. Why would I even ask that? I mean… 

Well, you probably have more pressing questions about me. I doubt you care about that silly question. And this blog exists to answer all those questions and more! 

I’ll start by explaining the importance of copy since you might be wondering what writing has to do with a video game. The importance of TideTurn’s marketing copy is to share not only what the game is about, but who we are as a team. Our marketing copy builds an authentic brand voice that helps us connect and engage with the gaming community — and therefore build our own community! 

As a member of the gaming community myself, I think it’s really important to tell TideTurn’s story. Think of other big video games, like Overwatch. You immediately think of Jeff Kaplan’s face and hear his voice. Or think of Fall Guys. You probably remember their Twitter memes. Or even League of Legends. You most likely remember all the times the developers responded to fans’ concerns on Reddit. 

You want to feel a connection to the team that’s behind the game. You want to feel you’re a part of something bigger. 

And that’s what I like about TideTurn. I was excited to hear about Stanion Studio’s passion for ocean conservation. They wanted to bring this important cause to the gaming community — they just needed the right team to do it. I can’t wait to start working with our Social Media & Community Manager, Carolina Almeida, on creative campaigns that get the community inspired and involved. 

And I can’t wait for the gaming community to learn more about our amazing game, too! The expansive lore and vibrant characters have truly inspired me. I love bringing them to life in hilarious tweets and action-packed comics. I have started helping the team come up with skin designs, emotes, gifs, and other fun defender-based art because I’ve become so passionate about these defenders.

TideTurn character design indie game

I’ve become so knowledgeable about them that I know exactly what pose they would and wouldn’t do (Crato making a heart with his hands? No way.) and even what skins match their personalities (Athidena would never wear any loose clothing. Ever.). I even made a quiz all about their distinct personalities and preferences [link to Vday quiz]! 

TideTurn has such vibrant lore that I know other gamers will dive right into it once they have the chance (see what I did there?). The gameplay seems wicked fun and all, but as a writer, I can’t help but latch on to these amazing D.R.I. agents and Atlantians and brainstorm all of the possibilities behind their backstories, in-game dialogue, and unique mannerisms. 

My goal as Stanion Studio’s Marketing Copyeditor is to authentically share TideTurn’s world with you, whether it’s explaining how wall jumping works [link to that article] or writing a tweet about Doug’s modeling career. As the game continues to develop, expect more information from me! And expect contests, campaigns, and a Discord community, too. And when the game launches, I’ll be the one explaining every update, patch, and DLC. 

Looking forward to sharing more TideTurn with you in the near future!

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