The Community and Conservation Behind TideTurn

You’ve been hearing all about TideTurn’s gameplay, lore, and defenders — and how the Stanion Studios team makes it all happen. But now meet the woman who brings all this information to you. 

Meet Carolina Almeida! You may have already interacted with her on Twitter or seen her talk about TideTurn on stream. But she’s more than just memes, although that’s pretty important too. In fact, I need more memes. Especially about Doug and his cat-saving shenanigans. Almeida is Social Media & Community Manager and in charge of Influencer Relations — find out what that entails. 

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Okay, so what do you exactly do here at Stanion Studios?

At a first glance, I am the fingers behind our social media posts. At a deeper look, my mission is to make players feel a sense of community and to keep an open channel of communication between them and the TideTurn team. We want this project to grow alongside our players while making sure their voices are heard.

What made you interested in becoming a part of the TideTurn team? 

After 10 years of being involved in the gaming industry — first as a professional esports player and later as a content creator — I wanted to experience the process of developing and maintaining a game. 

I decided that starting with an indie company, which would give me the most “raw” experience. And once I learned about the strong environmental protection message behind TideTurn, I instantly knew that was something I wanted to be a part of.

What is the importance of having Influencer Relations and getting content creators involved with indie game titles? 

Content creators play an irreplaceable role in video game promotion — think “word of mouth” on an immensely enlarged scale. A single content creator can influence thousands of people and introduce them to a game that otherwise might have flown under their radar. 

When it comes to indie companies in specific, where marketing and publicity budgets are limited, this type of exposure turns into their main source of sales, and that’s amazing!

What is the most important thing about TideTurn that you want players to know? 

TideTurn’s lore is very rich and interesting so we don’t want to give everything away at once! We are slowly revealing bits and pieces about each defender’s personality in hopes it will entice players into wanting to know more.

What are you most excited for gamers to see about TideTurn as more is revealed and released?

All the different cosmetics! I have to admit that is my weak spot in any multiplayer game I play.

pagos skin concept tideturn

What are your plans for the TideTurn Discord once the game is launched?

We want our community Discord to be a place for close interactions between the player base and the creators of the game. We want players to feel invested in this “fight for the world’s oceans” and to feel like they belong to either the Human or Atlantian side. There will be a lot of contests and fun events in the future, so definitely keep an eye out for that!

Why is it so important to share TideTurn’s ocean conservation mission with the gaming community?

I really think the message about ocean preservation is what sets TideTurn apart from other titles. I think video games can often be perceived as something “bad” or a “meaningless hobby” so it is always great to see titles associate so heavily with important causes and show that gaming can also be used for good.

How do you plan to get gamers involved with ocean conservation?

We plan on organizing fundraiser campaigns through Twitch, having the community come together and raise funds for several ocean conservation charities. The gaming community has shown multiples times in the past how generous and altruistic it can be and we hope that together we will make a difference the world can see and feel.

What do you like about being part of Stanion Studios?

I love the fact that we are a fully remote team with people from all around the World. It is definitely a challenge but also something quite unique.

Who is your favorite defender? 

TideTurn indie character

I’d have to say my favorite defender is Manatsu. I love her creativity and overall personality. I feel like she is someone I could easily become friends with. Oh, and of course, her mech is just AMAZING!

Olivia “y05h1eggz” Richman //

Stanion Studios Marketing Copyeditor

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