TideTurn Wall Jumping Guide

TideTurn mechanics

The insane and innovative movement in TideTurn is what makes the gameplay intense, creative, and non-stop. One of the most unique movement abilities in TideTurn is wall jumping. Mastering this crazy movement trick will allow you to seamlessly soar through the map and keep you one step ahead of defenders on the opposing team.  Wall…

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The Movement, Mechanics, and Mind Games of TideTurn

Do you like fast-paced gameplay? Split-second decision making? Strategic freeform movement? Then you’ve come to the right game update! The Stanion Studios developers want to share a bit more insight into the gameplay mechanics of TideTurn as the release date approaches (Later this year!!). We recently revealed our first two defenders so you’re probably busy…

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San Francisco Strategy Guide

Welcome to San Francisco, where the top activities include strolling through Fisherman’s Wharf, taking a ride in the cable car system, and not getting sniped by other defenders! Our first map available upon TideTurn’s release (later this year!) is San Francisco, a vibrant and structure-heavy location the Atlantians have watched from the nearby oceans. Now,…

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