Sea Lions Are in Danger // And That Means We Are Too

TideTurn inconservation

Doug Torres has a lot of claims to fame. First, there are his looks. This one is a no-brainer — just look at him. Did you know he was on a magazine cover once? Yeah, that was during a short stint as a model. And he’s sure that would have gone on a lot longer…

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Who Will Defend Your Heart This Valentine’s Day? // Quiz

TideTurn indie game quiz

It’s that time of year where people get mad at card companies for making some quick cash and express their disdain for going on dates all over their social media page. Ah, Valentine’s Day. Is there anything more romantic than quickly grabbing a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store before rushing back home with…

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Secret Societies and Waging War // TideTurn Lore 101

TideTurn lore

If you’ve been following us while waiting for the drop of TideTurn, you’ve probably been trying to piece together the defender reveals and comics to figure out what the story behind the game’s conflict truly is.  And you’re probably left with a lot of questions. Like who is D.R.I.? Where did those adorable baby sea…

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Animal Killers, Ocean Destroyers // Plastic Must Be Stopped

TideTurn conservation

Crato was still waiting rather impatiently. It was the baby sea monster’s first solo mission and they weren’t back at Almagest’s lair yet.  It was a simple mission, he thought. The baby sea monsters would just patrol the perimeter of the lair, looking for signs of D.R.I. sabotage or infiltration. It wouldn’t be the first…

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The Lore and Defenders Behind TideTurn

TideTurn lore indie game

The first thing people see when they play a game is the characters, the map. But good games go beyond that initial impression.  At TideTurn we didn’t just want to create cool defenders — we wanted to bring them to life with vibrant, extensive backstories that fill players with curiosity and make it even harder…

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Are Atlantians Among Us? // If So, They Would Be Angry

Atlantians Atlantis TideTurn

Humanity has long been seen as the rulers of the planet, the species that has reigned over the land on earth. Our structures jut into the clouds. Our inventions change the shape of the land and dictate how ecosystems function — if they survive. Our communities spread for miles and miles, claiming almost every continent. …

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