The Story and Communication Behind TideTurn

TideTurn indie game

Hello! I’m doing things a little differently this time around since I’m the next subject of the Stanion Studios behind-the-scenes spotlight. I mean, I could just interview myself but that might be a little strange… What’s your name?  Olivia Richman.  What’s your job on the TideTurn team?  I’m the Marketing Copyeditor. Basically, I do anything…

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The Community and Conservation Behind TideTurn

You’ve been hearing all about TideTurn’s gameplay, lore, and defenders — and how the Stanion Studios team makes it all happen. But now meet the woman who brings all this information to you.  Meet Carolina Almeida! You may have already interacted with her on Twitter or seen her talk about TideTurn on stream. But she’s…

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The Music and Sound Effects Behind TideTurn

TideTurn indie game music

When you get a killstreak you don’t only get a game-changing ability — you feel a blend of determination, exhilaration, and satisfaction. That’s in part thanks to Ellsworth Hall’s killstreak-accompanying in-game music.  Hall started working with Stanion Studios 28 years ago, composing music for the documentary, “Whale, Man, and God.” He started composing music for…

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