The Immersive Campaign Maps in TideTurn

TideTurn campaign

While TideTurn is known for its fast-paced multiplayer mode, this game is about more than just high stakes strategy and movement mechanics. TideTurn carries with it a powerful message about the critical state of the world’s oceans, and its stories are told through its defenders during engaging single-player missions.  Stanion Studios is preparing to test…

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The First Mission // TideTurn Campaign Update #1

Manatsu lab

While TideTurn is carving a name for itself in the indie gaming world thanks to innovative movement mechanics and strategic gameplay that hasn’t been seen at quite this level, a big component of the game has always been the story and message behind the action.  TideTurn’s conservation message is powerful all on its own, with…

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Secret Societies and Waging War // TideTurn Lore 101

TideTurn lore

If you’ve been following us while waiting for the drop of TideTurn, you’ve probably been trying to piece together the defender reveals and comics to figure out what the story behind the game’s conflict truly is.  And you’re probably left with a lot of questions. Like who is D.R.I.? Where did those adorable baby sea…

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