The Environments Behind TideTurn

TideTurn indie game

From the defenders to elements within the map, the world of TideTurn is brought to life by Ali Akdogan, Stanion Studio’s 3D Modeler of environments and map assets. As the game reaches completion, it’s been exciting seeing TideTurn’s expansive lore shown through the details in each 3D map model. It’s even more exciting imagining players…

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The Animation and Movement Behind TideTurn

When you see a defender submerge underwater, leap from building to building, or even just do a taunt, that’s all the work of animators.  Stanion Studio’s Lead Animator Mahdi Darvishani has been making defenders come to life with these in-game animations, from subtle in-place poses to the actions they take when activating their ability. Each…

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The Lore and Defenders Behind TideTurn

TideTurn lore indie game

The first thing people see when they play a game is the characters, the map. But good games go beyond that initial impression.  At TideTurn we didn’t just want to create cool defenders — we wanted to bring them to life with vibrant, extensive backstories that fill players with curiosity and make it even harder…

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The Cities Behind TideTurn

TideTurn stands out a lot because of the game’s freeform movement. Unlike other popular titles, Defenders can maneuver around TideTurn’s maps by drawing their own path throughout the level, whether it’s racing through the streets or climbing up sides of buildings. This is a game all about using the map to your advantage — and…

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The Characters Behind TideTurn

TideTurn wouldn’t be complete without the Defenders. After Humans decimated the oceans with nuclear testing, mining, overfishing, and horrific pollution, Atlantians could no longer remain silent. Having transformed into water beings many ages ago, they are now returning to land en masse, attacking coastal cities in an attempt to take back the earth and restore…

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The Concept, Creativity, and Conservation Behind TideTurn

TideTurn is almost here. You could say “the tides are turning” if you will. Okay, we won’t. But seriously — later this year. That’s when TideTurn will be available to play and you all get to finally experience what we’ve all been working on for the past year or so. You may be wondering by…

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