Secret Societies and Waging War // TideTurn Lore 101

If you’ve been following us while waiting for the drop of TideTurn, you’ve probably been trying to piece together the defender reveals and comics to figure out what the story behind the game’s conflict truly is. 

And you’re probably left with a lot of questions. Like who is D.R.I.? Where did those adorable baby sea monsters come from? What is an Old One? 

To find out the bulk of the lore behind the TideTurn clash and the defenders taking part in the action you’ll have to wait for the campaign mode. Luckily, we’re working on the storyboards for that right now! Expect cinematic cut scenes and immersive single-player action. 

But I’m going to give you a bit more insight into the lore of TideTurn BEFORE the game even drops, giving you a basic understanding of the ongoing fight to protect the world’s oceans. 

Atlantians Claim the Oceans, Humans Fight to Take Them Back

It all starts with the Atlantians, of course. They are a way older species than Humans, meaning they were on the planet much longer than us. I won’t go too much in-depth into the Atlantians timeline once they came to our planet, but just know they enjoyed thousands of years in the vibrant, life-filled oceans before Humans started their path of irreversible destruction. 

So as Humans started to become more of a threat, secret societies formed among the Atlantians, who looked to not only protect the waters but seek revenge. 

Humans made secret societies of their own, of course. 

Everyday people like me and you weren’t even aware of Atlantians and their attacks throughout Human history. But that’s because of groups like the Arms of Amaranth, founded in 450 B.C.E. in Greece. Due to their (granted) access to Protean weapons, they actually played quite a prominent role in the events of the Roman Empire. 

The Arms of Amaranth, later, refused to join the D.R.I. Corp, which was founded in 1974. While D.R.I. is a known organization in the United States, it houses a lot of secrets that even its own members — including Beatrice and Doug — aren’t fully aware of. Many of its members are too distracted by their focus on protecting Humanity from the invasion of the Atlantians to really look too far into any of that. 

TideTurn indie game weapon

The Turning Point Between Atlantians and Humans

And that’s where TideTurn begins. As technology advanced in the 21st century, D.R.I. started to heavily invest in deep sea mapping and ocean expeditions inspired by the discovery of Atlantian facilities. As Humans continued their deliberate infiltration of the ocean — as well as their destruction of the waters with pollution and climate changes — Atlantians started to fight back, leading to some intense underwater battles. 

D.R.I. broke into an Atlantian facility in 2042 and stole most of the machinery, helping them create some advanced weaponry and devices for their own agents. This includes Aquamesh, which allows Humans to meld into water just like Atlantians. 

But when Atlantians discovered the remains of the facility six years later, the Abyssian Court fought back. The D.R.I. expeditions were met with destruction and death. When D.R.I. decided to explore Atlantian facilities in Antarctica in 2052, they decided to melt away icebergs to get to the structures. 

Atlantians had enough. Atlantians felt their life on earth — and the planet as a whole — was in grave danger because of Humanity’s ongoing destruction. In 2053, the Abyssian Court declared the beginning of TideTurn, an all-out war against Humans in hopes of never letting D.R.I. access the arctic facilities. 

What’s in the facilities you ask? Well, not even some Atlantian members of the Abyssian Court — including Pagos and Hanuii — even know. While Athidena was tasked with kidnapping Humans and Crato was ordered to experiment on them and other creatures in order to create war-ready monsters, the full extent of Abyssian Court’s plan will leave the defenders in shock. 

As you’ve gathered, D.R.I. and the Abyssian Court are shrouded in secrecy. A lot has happened during the last many thousands and thousands of years on this planet. But that’s another conversation we will have later.. We want you to be just as surprised by the twists and turns of TideTurn as the defenders you’ll interact with throughout the campaign. 

Lore will pop up unexpectedly in defenders’ dialogue as well as throughout the maps. So always be on the lookout for clues as to what’s really going on behind TideTurn. And play the campaign to watch the action unfold along with the defenders.

Olivia “y05h1eggz” Richman //

Stanion Studios Marketing Copyeditor

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