Ocean Conservation

Octopus, Lobsters, Crabs, Other Sea Creatures Have Feelings // Humans Finally Recognize

“Humans are so far behind,” Crato said, rolling his eyes.  Hanuii had been reading the latest news from land to...
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Rarest Marine Species in the World // Fight For Their Survival

From sea otters to manatees to river dolphins, sea animals all over the world can’t seem to escape the harm...
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Sea Lions Are in Danger // And That Means We Are Too

Doug Torres has a lot of claims to fame. First, there are his looks. This one is a no-brainer —...
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Animal Killers, Ocean Destroyers // Plastic Must Be Stopped

Crato was still waiting rather impatiently. It was the baby sea monster’s first solo mission and they weren’t back at...
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Are Atlantians Among Us? // If So, They Would Be Angry

Humanity has long been seen as the rulers of the planet, the species that has reigned over the land on...
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Fighting to Save Coral Reefs After Mass Bleaching Events

When Pagos awoke, the world was a different place. The sunlight that usually shined from the surface was blotted out...
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Is It Time For the Gaming Community to Step Up for Ocean Conservation?

There are currently over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in our oceans. As a result, over 100 million marine...
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