TideTurn’s built-in free-to-play MapMaker lets you create your own battlefield — no coding needed. Fight to save the ocean on your own turf or play someone else’s map for inspiration. Claim a map for the faction you’re defending!


Simple, Intuitive Map Creation

With MapMaker, players can test layouts and defender movements even during the building process without needing tools or programming experience. Just drag and drop walls, roofs, city features, foliage, and objects from any TideTurn map to create innovative new environments for strategic, fast-paced custom battles.


Discover New Techniques

TideTurn is all about freeform movement and the split-second decision making that comes with it. Build a map that allows you to explore new movement opportunities, forcing opponents to reimagine the way they use water to race through the city.


Share Innovative Ideas

TideTurn has a whole community waiting to test out your MapMaker creation. Sharing a map allows other players to compete on your level or even add elements of their own. By playing in other people’s cities, you’ll discover new game modes, new design concepts, and surprising ways to submerge, swim, jump, fly, and race to victory.

Create New Battlefields

The Tides Are Turning.


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