Are Atlantians Among Us? // If So, They Would Be Angry

Humanity has long been seen as the rulers of the planet, the species that has reigned over the land on earth. Our structures jut into the clouds. Our inventions change the shape of the land and dictate how ecosystems function — if they survive. Our communities spread for miles and miles, claiming almost every continent. 

But what if we weren’t the most advanced species on the planet? What if all of this power and technology were indirectly inherited from an ancient species that has been on earth much longer than we have? 

Astronomer Carl Sagan once pointed out that it’s impossible for other civilizations to be in the same technology lockstep with us after billions of years of biological evolution. Instead, alien races would be much further behind or much more advanced. 

And if they are more advanced, they are more than likely able to cloak themselves from our probing. They are able to remain in space — and on earth — undetected. Until they don’t want to be hidden anymore. 

TideTurn Atlantean comic

TideTurn began when the Atlantians couldn’t stand to see the destruction of the world’s oceans any longer. That’s when Crato started summoning sea monsters to fight back against humans who wandered too far into the ocean’s depths. That’s when Athidena began to sneak onto the land, completely undetected, kidnapping humans for the Abyssian Court to study. 

While the conflict in TideTurn is easy to get invested in, could this be a scenario out of the game? 

Atlantis: The Myth, The City, The Secret Society

TideTurn marks the start of the war. But Atlantians were on earth much longer than that, before D.R.I. even existed. 

Tens of thousands of years before the first identifiable humans took shape, an alien species known as the Protean empire rose and fell from the heavens. A sentient virus had started killing them off, leaving the empire no choice but to send a series of Seedcells to our planet. When they awoke, the Proteans took the shape of the planet’s earliest life forms, most of which dwelled underwater. 

This was the beginning of the Atlantians, an advanced species that called the ocean their home. 

While seemingly just a fun backstory for a cinematic campaign mode, many people throughout the centuries have questioned the validity of the existence of Atlantians. As far back as 360 BCE, Plato and other philosophers were writing about and discussing the lost city of Atlantis. 

“But afterward there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.” – Plato, Timaeus

Described as larger than “Libya and Asia combined,” Atlantis was thought to be located in the Atlantic Ocean past the Strait of Gibraltar. The people living in the city were focused on “peace and happiness,” according to Ignatius Donelly. He posited a hypothesis about the city in 1882, which led to decades of people searching for the lost world in hopes of finding riches, advanced technology, and humanity’s long lost history. 

There have been many theories about Atlantis since, some of which explain its disappearance and others that take note of the civilization that once inhabited the city. A recent theory states that the Atlantians were once known as the Minoans, who flourished on the Greek islands of Crete and Thera more than 4,000 years ago. 

Atlantis TideTurn

The Minoans were known for building extravagant palaces and were one of the first Europeans to use a written language. But nobody is quite sure what became of them. An earthquake? A volcano? Tsunamis? Did the city, with its beautifully paved roads and elegant buildings, sink into the ocean? 

Atlantians Rise Up From the Water’s Depths

Another theory is that Antarctica was once home to the Atlantian civilization before it turned frigid as it moved north. In TideTurn, we explore that very concept. The Betrayer, a Protean who gave humans access to the alien weapons, vanished to an unknown facility at the North Pole. This allowed humanity to take control of the world. 

While the vast majority of humans continued to view Atlantis as a myth, some sectors got in secret wars with the Proteans. One of those conflicts had the Hyacinthians and the Amrs of Amaranth fighting a bloody battle between 1020 C.E. and 1830 C.E. These secret groups almost completely disappeared, unwilling to consolidate with the Illuminati and the Freemasons in the 20th century. 

In 1974, D.R.I. was formed as a private technology research firm with an international board of directors. Their purpose was to protect Protean artifacts. Well, that’s what they told their members and all who inquired. The truth might be much more sinister. 

It could be a thing of fantasy. Like lizard people and presidents being friends with the Grey aliens. But TideTurn could also be more than just a game’s lore. 

TideTurn Atlantis comic

In 1996, NASA scientists uncovered what appeared to be a Martian rock in Antarctica. It’s possible that it blasted off the surface of Mars during a collision, traveling the solar system for 15 million years. But the rock contained nanobacteria, organic molecules that suggest life. With Antarctica being the possible remnants of Atlantis and Atlantis being the possible remnants of alien civilizations, it all seems to come together quite interestingly. 

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has obtained parts of vehicles they describe as “not made on this Earth.” While former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took back this controversial statement later on, it’s possible he was just hiding proof of the Seedcells that landed on earth all those years ago. 

If Atlantians are on earth, we are probably in trouble (if TideTurn tells us anything).

As humans continue to dump waste and plastic into the ocean, allow Fukushima radiated waters to continue to spill for all these years into the ocean, speed up coral-damaging global warming, continue weapons testing and nuclear testing in our seas, and overfish certain species, the oceans are in constant turmoil. If Atlantians are below the waters watching the destruction of their world, it might be only a matter of time before our coastal cities are crumbled by Atlantian technology. 

For our own sake, let’s hope we only have to fight Atlantians within TideTurn. We have a lot of work to do if we want to be visited by Atlantians in peace.

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